Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Great Week!

This was a very full week, but boy was it great! On Sunday, my sister, brother-in-law and nephew came up to go to the Oklahoma City Zoo, so I tagged along. It was really fun to see Gaius so excited about the animals and also to watch him running around everywhere.  He's growing so fast! It cracks me up in the video below when I ask Gaius if he's excited and he blinks a lot and then starts to dance. Haha! And p.s. the zoo looks great! I'm so impressed with what we have right here in OKC.

We ate at Matthew Kinney OKC after we left the zoo and it was delicious.  (Confession: it was my second time to eat there in one week. Haha!)  We sat outside and the weather was beautiful so we really enjoyed ourselves. It was so nice to have Jenny, Sam and Gaius here because they don't come up and stay with me that often.  

On Monday, Gaius woke me up so we could listen to his daddy play some music downstairs...

And then it was time for him to help me clean my house! Haha! (He got out every broom, mop, sweeper, everything in the back cleaning corner of my house! Such a little helper.)

Then we needed to shop for a new hat at Uptown Kids! I think he's pretty cute.

On Tuesday, James and I had a meeting with the planning department of OKC for our Planned Unit Development.  We were talking zoning for 612 and it went really well.  We've got the ball rolling for dreaming big and it was awesome because every city employee in the meeting seemed to be supportive and happy to help us see those dreams come true! We're asking for zoning that allows us to do many, many things with the building and lot.  It's a live/work kind of place and that can be tricky, but after going to that Sprawl meeting organized by Ed Shadid I feel that our city is starting to realize that one of the answers to our issues is to incorporate live/work spaces that make it easy for people to do things within their own community or neighborhood like walking, gathering for events, gardening, etc. so I think we'll have even more support than we realize at this point in the journey.  I'm excited! James and I both were after the meeting.  Here's a pic I took of James as we were leaving the building.

It's wild how far we've come in this process! We still have a long way to go, but I'm so proud of us for accomplishing what we have! James and I have never done anything like this before so every single step is exciting! Every time we do something that I am slightly intimidated by, I find more and more courage and confidence.  It's funny, James just seems to take it all in stride.  I'm the one that hesitates.  He just runs straight ahead.  I love his confidence! It helps me to take chances too.  

Wednesday night, we went to the "Overture" event on the roof of the Cardinal Engineering building on Broadway. The weather has been beautiful all week and today is no exception.  (After I get through writing this, I'm going to get out in the yard and do some work!)  Overture brings people together to support the OKC Philharmonic and it's a great group.  The highlight of the night was when I saw my friend Katie who works with the Philharmonic and she said she wanted to work with me when we get the school open. Wooooooohoooooo!!! I can't wait to take those kiddos to see performances.  Field trips are getting harder and harder to take in schools so hopefully we can fill the gap for kids who get to come to 612.  

Thursday night was crazy! I went to a similar event for the OKC Ballet, called "The Barre" event.  I just think it's important to support our local cultural organizations as much as possible.  We're lucky to have them! Oh and I won a door prize when I was there...a haircut at W Salon for curly hair! Lucky, lucky me! After that, I picked up James and we went to Iguana for a going away party for a sweet, sweet man. I feel like I just met him and he's leaving, but I bet it's not the last time I see him.  Good luck Kindt! I know you're going to turn Dallas on its ear! After that, we went to VZDs to see friends, but again I felt so lucky, because when we walked in, we realized it was Acoustic Oklahoma's 1 year birthday! Congratulations to Casey Friedman and Acoustic Oklahoma for keeping it going! I really believe in what Casey is doing so I'm glad to see that it's made it. 

Yesterday, James and I met with a great guy, Andy Zeeck.  He has offered to help us with our project and to give consultation for free! Andy has been conducting green renovations for years now and he believes in our project, so we're fortunate to have him on our side.  I'm still so touched when people say they want to help us. We're really blessed because everyone seems to be rooting for this project to succeed. I can't wait until we get to a point where we can take people up on their offer to help. Here's a couple of pics of us in front of the building.

Last night I stayed home. I was tired. I cooked and rested up for tonight.  It's OVAC's 12x12 at 50 Penn Place tonight and I can't wait! It's always a fun time and OVAC does such great things for our arts community so I know it's going to be a great night!

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