Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun on Mulberry Mountain! What a Birthday!

I seriously had so much fun on my trip to Arkansas that I had to have a day (yesterday) to recoup...and I mean a WHOLE DAY to lay on the couch because I was so worn out that I could barely move. I boogied my butt off this past week!!!

I couldn't be more grateful for the kind, hilarious, generous and sweet people I went to Harvest with.  We laughed the whole time and everything was just so easy (except those porta-potties. Ummmm....we'll just leave that topic alone. Haha!)  And on my actual birthday, anyone who heard that I was celebrating (thanks to Colleen and anyone else who felt like screaming, "It's her birthday!") just gave me things like a necklace, a headband with strings of lights on it, and a lot of kindness! Add that in with getting to see Yonder, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Railroad Earth, Cornmeal and more AND the chance to camp with great friends and I found myself having one incredibly unique and special week!

Driving in to Mulberry Mountain!

Gettin' Down!

Preston really can play that banjo! Awesome!

Colleen Made me Cupcakes! (Preston gave me a cake but we ate it before I could take a picture. Haha!)

A new friend from a neighboring camp gave me this headband for my birthday! 

Sooooooooo good!!!

Main Stage

GQ - Colleen! 

Large Lady!

Kayti and Austin, two of the kindest people I know

Robby had the light up fingers!

Main Stage at Night

Fire Dancers!

Camp Fun!

Preston and Robby decided on Business Casual for the last day. Haha! Lookin' good boys.

Ross is in the Kitchen!

Britton and Kayti on the last night - these gals are hilarious!

Glow Stick Fun

Taking 612 Everywhere!

GQ and Preston - Preston didn't have his eyes open in any of my pics! Oh well. :)

Great friends, great night!

Taken on the way out of the festival.  Until next time!!!

And here's a video that shows a lot of the lanterns that were released all weekend.  They really were beautiful.

One of the nights that we were there, Preston released a lantern that I had actually given him on the Fourth of July.  I had bought one for myself too, but we never let them go because of the burn ban.  I thought it was nice that we both thought to bring ours.  When he lit his up and let it go, it just took off.  It was beautiful.  The next night, I decided to release mine.  It was in honor of letting something go.  Mine decided to catch on fire and plummet to the ground.  Yeah...that's about right. Haha!  I wasn't quite ready to let go of what it signified anyway.  Hopefully I'll be able to do that someday soon.  At least I didn't burn the whole festival down. :)

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