Saturday, October 22, 2011

East Coast Tour!

I booked a flight to Jacksonville, NC today! I'm visiting a couple of wonderful friends for the weekend and then I'm going to begin an east coast research tour for my thesis on American Portrait Miniatures. I'm so excited!!! There is an author and curator at the Yale Art Gallery that I'm dying to meet. She wrote the book that will probably be the most influential in my thesis so I emailed her today to see if she would be willing to talk with me. My advisor, Dr. Kenneth Haltman, actually knows her so I hope that helps. I'm excited about getting to see these portrait miniatures in person, with my own eyes. Nothing substitutes for that experience.

In addition to a trip to New Haven, Connecticut, there are important pieces in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art so I'm going to make a stop there. And anyone who really knows me will immediately recognize my sarcasm when I report sadness over the fact that I will also need to rest my head in Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. I think there might also be a stop in Philly. I seriously can't wait and will be even more thrilled when I find out just exactly how to proceed with planning the tour. Aside from getting to see the miniatures, possibly meeting people who I can really learn from and the lovely places I'll stay, I am looking forward to getting away and focusing on my thesis. It's hard to do that here in OKC with all that I've got going. This couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Blessings in abundance!

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