Monday, April 4, 2011

A Rare Treat! A Blog Post by James: Our New Roof!

Because this is my blog I'm usually the only one contributing a voice.  However, today we have a special treat.  I asked James to write something about the new roof we've gotten on the building, so here it is! 

"After scouring the globe for a realistic synthetic replacement for the original asbestos roof tiles, we found a pretty perfect match in the Da Vinci Fancy Shake with a Castle Grey Ecoblend color tone. The Fancy Shake is a very clean cut tile that doesn't suffer from the exaggerated contouring of most imitation tiles. As a result, it has the look and feel of the original asbestos. And that's great, because the original tiles were in pretty substantial disrepair (years of neglect and one too many hailstorms), leaving us in the unique position of having an original material no longer legal to install and no typical composite shingle that was anywhere close to mimicking it. This gave us both the challenge and opportunity to meet historic guidelines by finding a new material. The Historic Preservation board worked with us and allowed a synthetic material that enabled us to meet our energy efficiency goals. With the highest hail and fire ratings on the charts and a fifty year warranty, the tiles are built to last. In addition, the manufacturer is local (within 500 miles), which reduces the carbon footprint of delivery, and has a program where they accept the scrap material left over from installation for reuse and recycling. Both contribute to LEED certification and to the sustainability of the project, and by utilizing an Ecoblend color tone the tiles reflect heat as well and improve energy efficiency over the life of the building. We're very happy with the results, and thrilled to find another material that meets both historic and energy efficiency guidelines."

Here are a few images of the new roof! 


  1. Great choice of new material for the roof! Synthetic roofing is popular because it’s lightweight and inexpensive. You definitely lucked out on your new roofing, it being an eco-friendly material, so easily reusable, and also because it’s going to imitate the original shingles as close as possible. Congratulations on your new roof! It looks absolutely great!

    Terry Arnold

  2. Thank you, Terry! We're pretty excited about that roof!

  3. It can definitely be pretty tricky having to match new tiles with existing roof tiles, especially if the house is on a site protected by the Historic Preservation board! It’s great that you were able to find just the right material, though. That new roof looks great! I literally can’t tell that there have been any new tiles added to the existing roof!

    Galliena Gornet

  4. I totally agree with you, Galliena! They did a great job finding exactly the right roofing materials to match the existing ones. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I hope the new and old tiles have meshed together well, and that their combined efforts have kept the family protected from the erratic weather we’ve been having.

    -- Brendan Gertner

  5. You were put in a very unique position by your roof shingles! I think all the effort you put into finding exactly the right material that matches your energy efficiency needs really paid off. Did you have extra materials that you could use in case the old shingles give way?

    ~ Otis Kunkle ~

  6. Thank you so much for the comments! Because we had to take off the old roof, all of the shingles are new. So we didn't have too much of a challenge in matching original shingles. They are very similar, though, aside from the material used to make them! We did have extra materials in case we ever need to replace anything. We're so incredibly grateful that the OKC Historic Preservation Commission permitted us to use the Da Vinci shingles. We love our roof!