Monday, November 21, 2011

ECST 2011 - Third Stop: Charleston!

The Gibbes Museum of Art
Charleston, SC proved to be a great decision in the planning for this trip.  I found 12 portrait miniatures that I could actually look at up close: 1 Malbone and 11 Faser miniatures. The Gibbes Museum of Art has a great collection and Charleston was actually a pretty big hot spot for this type of portraiture in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century.  If you consider the wealth centered there during this time (and today) it's not really a surprise. I spent hours looking at these pieces and it was great to be able to stand right in front of them.  I wrote about my own observations with each piece and know that this notes will be more valuable than gold, because, as I wrote in a previous post, the detail I notice from each piece has to be what drives the scholarship.  Reading the book, "Love and Loss: American Portrait and Mourning Miniatures" by Robin Jaffee Frank has really helped me to understand the best ways of looking at these pieces.

Yesterday I was thinking about it and realized that, for me, writing is a lot like singing. By listening and observing the ways in which other artists have approached certain pieces of music, I decide for myself the best way to sing a passage or what works within my abilities.  By reading different scholars' works, I learn about relevant issues and multiple methods of discussing or discovering information.  I'm so grateful for the guidance of my professors.  I've realized while reading and looking at these miniatures that my thesis advisor gave me such a great background on ways to look at American eighteenth century portraiture when I took Dr. Kenneth Haltman's (my thesis advisor) American Art History class last year. When I've looked at the "notes" section of books, I've recognized most of the referenced authors and it's so helpful to have had the preparation!

In addition to all the great research, Scottie and I had a wonderful time looking at old buildings and eating even more great southern cooking.  (Have I mentioned that I'm going to have to go on a huge diet when I get home?) Here are some images!

King Street in Charleston has some great shopping.

Love this building!

Still on King Street...

Meeting Street

Old Customs House

There was a great jazz band at the Charleston Grill our last night in town.

Scottie was such a fun travel buddy!

Last Day

Who could get this lucky? Haha! Just kidding. :)

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