Sunday, August 1, 2010

This Week's Excitement!

It has been a great week. I have had a little more control of my emotions concerning leaving my job, I didn't run into anyone with my car (always a plus) and James finally came home from California! Yay!!! So that means we've been able to have meetings with people around town and get ready for our next Historic Preservation hearing that will take place on Wednesday. It makes all of the difference to have James back so that we can do these things. In fact, it helps me to be more at peace about leaving all of the wonderful people I'm working with at the Museum, because I feel connected to our project again. It would take something pretty amazing to justify voluntarily leaving the docents and the staff at the Museum because I love these people and the work that we all do together.

But I know that it will all be worth it because when everything is said and done we're going to do great things at the school that will be at 612 NW 29th Street in the Paseo. And while James was gone, my lesson to learn was that I am confident in my own ability to do what needs to be done. And I am connected to the project that is the school because that's MY passion and dream. It can just get a little scary when James is gone because we've got so many challenges ahead, but I know that we are going to have everything we need to meet and work through them all.

One of the meetings we had this week was proof of this. A man who has had quite a bit of experience doing these kinds of projects in the Paseo offered to give us advice. He was very generous with his time and suggestions and one of the things that he said we should do is to contact a woman who is on the Positively Paseo board and who has a good amount of experience with the area. As we talked about it further, I realized that this woman's mother was on the Savannah trip that I helped to lead for the Museum this past spring. She and I had talked in Savannah and she had even suggested that I meet with her daughter as well. So when I called the mom this week, she said she had already talked to her daughter about our project and that she wanted to hear more about it.

How lucky can we get? It's just proof to me that everything we need is already in place for us. We just have to keep working hard and we'll have what we need as we need it.

I love that we're learning so much because I think all of these lessons will help us to do more in the future. The goal is to give as much as we can to the people who will want to partake of what we have to offer. We want to help people as much as we can.

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