Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Can...So Can You!

This week has been great but it's also had its challenges. The first week of school has always been one of ups and downs. There are so many requirements, details, changes, etc. to take care of. I know that I can do all these things, but if feels like it's been a week of problem solving and that's putting it mildly.

So when I went to see my friends Patrick and Phillip after class, you could say that I was feeling a little down. Phillip shared some music with me that I immediately downloaded because it made me feel better just to listen to it. In fact, I downloaded the whole album and listened to it on my run this morning. I have to say that it works!

I think it's the message of the song. It's called, "I Can," by Minnutes and is a sweet and simple song that reminds me of a video I posted on my facebook a while back. I'll post the song and the video below. Hope it lifts you up as much as it did me.

I'm trying to remember all of this as James and I move forward with the plans and renovation of the building.  I'm also trying to remember this as I figure out how to start a school! I've been so lucky in that there are many people who have given advice over the past few months and it always leads me to a new discovery.  It ends up shaping what will happen in our space.

I am currently trying to make lifestyle changes like getting more exercise and eating in a more healthy way because I know that if I'm going to encourage other people to take bike rides or walk, then I better be setting the example.  It's been good for me.  I've lost 7 pounds in the last week and 1/2.  I can't believe it.  Now that could have been some of the stress of the past week, but I have really tried for the first time since boot camp to take care of myself.

I'm going to add more about how things like biking, walking, eating organic and local foods and being good to myself changes my life as I write this.I know I can do it! You can too! Want to join me???

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