Monday, August 23, 2010

Update Extrodinaire

The past two weeks have been wonderful and crazy all at the same time. Leaving my job, going to Savannah, getting as much done around the house as possible and school starts tomorrow for me! I actually can't wait! I love going to class and learning. The readings, the discussions, the images and really having the luxury of someone explaining to me what the issues are surrounding whatever art we are studying. I love it all!!!

That's why I've always wanted to start a school. That's probably why I've been taking classes at OU since 1988. It hasn't always been a full time status student kind of schedule...I've worked too! But I'm beginning to realize that I want to start this school because I never want to quit learning myself. This will be my last semester in classes at OU and then I will be writing my thesis in the spring.

So I thought that I might give a few more hints as to what we will be doing at that school. I'm not going to give everything away here because I want it to be a surprise, but I will say that the structure of the day will be as follows:

During the school day we'll have a pre-school and oh boy I'm so excited about that! I will be teaching that with a few other very qualified people. After school, we'll have programs for kids in art, music, film, cooking, drama, poetry, gardening, foreign language and whatever else we can find teachers for...maybe even dance! Then at night, we'll have classes for adults in the same areas. We'll include people of all ages, pre-K through Seniors and sometimes the different ages will work together! In a previous post, I mentioned how I feel about that. I think it's really important for people of different age demographics to work together.

And there will be some great field trips! We'll take journey's to places all over Oklahoma when we can and my plan is to connect all of these classes and to plan them around one country's culture. Then whoever can go during the summer (and whoever we can find grants for) will all travel to that country. We'll experience the things that we've studied...the language, the art, the music, the food, the dance, the architecture....all of it. That's the dream!

I believe that we all can do things to improve our lives and to focus on what really makes us happy and enriches our lives. James and I both want to help people find those things. And my suspicion is that there are many, many others that would like to do the same.

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