Thursday, September 2, 2010

What a Week and It's Only Wednesday!

This week has been full! I've written two papers; stayed up until 1:30 am studying a couple of nights; figured out that I will now be graduating in December of 2011 (but that's ok. I am just glad that it is going to happen.); met with a wonderful friend that could be a prospective teacher at the pre-school; helped James prepare to do some home renovations; almost finished the set list for singing on the roof of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art on September 23rd (if anyone reads this, come out!); gone to class prepared; had a meeting about podcasts; and oh yeah, I've actually cooked a meal that I can eat on for the whole week.  AND IT'S ONLY WEDNESDAY!!!!!! (Well, technically it is already Thursday because it's so late, but who really cares?)  The point is, I thought life would slow down when I quit my job and it's actually picked up pace.

A really piece of great news that I left out is that James and I went to our last HP commission meeting today and our choice of doors was passed.  Yay!!!! Celebrate!!!

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