Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Week of Art, Music and Drama (The Good Kind)

This past week and weekend were full of art, music and drama (the good kind).  Tuesday night I went to see my friend Sarah in the Vagina Monologues at OU.  The group she was with was helping to raise money for the Women's Outreach Center and to bring awareness to V-Day, a global activist movement to stop violence against women and girls.  Not only was the place packed, but the performance was excellent! I was so proud of Sarah and the rest of the ladies for what they did and it was my first time to experience any of the monologues so it was a great night.

Wednesday was my mandolin lesson and I've already written about that, but I have to say it was a highlight of the week.  Now I just need to practice, practice, practice!

Thursday was a day to get things done! I spent a little time cleaning, hanging pictures and getting ready for some special dinner guests.  Phillip and Patrick came up to help and I should say right here that it's a pretty pleasant experience to get ready for a party with those two.  They make everything beautiful! (And tasty!)

Friday was the Ghostland Observatory concert at Cain's and I boogied my rear end off! The light show did not disappoint and neither did the music! Jesse, Mick, Ross, James and I had a great time and here are some pics to prove it!

Cain's Ballroom Chandelier

Nobody can resist taking pictures of the light show!

Last year, a group of friends and I went to see them in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Here's the video I made of the light show there.  I took the clips with my iPhone and then made a movie out of them.  I believe the light show is a brilliant art form and I love being surrounded by it and the music.  You're a part of it when you experience it first hand.

Yesterday my Material Culture class took a field trip to Forgotten Meadows, a place south of Norman in Cole, Oklahoma.  A man named Rich has been building this house by hand since 1977.  He has a background in setting tile and you can tell by all of the surfaces of the house, inside and out.  He doesn't throw much away, as it usually ends up being a part of the house.  It totally makes you rethink the value and purpose of objects and also how much we feel we need to discard.  He admitted to his influences including Bruce Goff and Antonio Gaudi, but Gaudi came after he had already been building in this fashion.  I think it's always interesting to see what likeness an artist has to another, especially when they've never even heard of the other.  Sometimes it's just all part of a collective consciousness. 

Here are some images from yesterday's field trip.  It really was a beautiful day and it was so nice to be outside, in the country, with friends and in such a unique place!

I love the tall grasses.

This reminded me of something out of, "Where the Wild Things Are."

The Curved Features are What reminded me of Gaudi

Looking Down into the Kitchen

Part of the Kitchen (Check out that Pink and Black Tile on the Floor. Love it!

Hallway Between Kitchen and Sitting Area

More Kitchen (There's an Organ in the Left Background)

An Organ in the Kitchen!

You Know...Rocks. :)

Ice Cube Tray Lighting

Tile Floor

Tile Floor in the Kitchen

Inside this Structure is a Small Pool with Goldfish

Top of the Stairs

Bottles in the Walls - These Could Be Found Inside and Out.

Netha and the Creature On Top of the House

Creature Keeping Watch

They Have a Trampoline! Look at Netha Go!

Have I Mentioned that I Love Trampolines Too??? 

Bottles in the Wall Behind a Screen

Same Image with a Hipstamatic Touch

Inside a Wood Burning Stove

Even the Dirt on the Windows Looked Like Art.

Stained Glass Window

Master Bathroom Shower - Soooooo Cool!

Cans on the Well

Rich Giving a Demonstration on How to Make a Rock.

This Place Has it All!

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