Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oklahoma Food Coop

This past weekend I met some wonderful people.  I went to the Oklahoma Food Coop's annual meeting on Saturday and it was great! I walked around to all of the different booths and talked to producers who had gardens, farms and ranches here in Oklahoma.  I tasted their food, which was delicious, and we talked about bringing classes from our school to their locations on field trips!  We have such great resources for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle right in our own state and I know that everyone who is aware of them wants the word to spread.  It's my hope that we can help with that.

I'm also excited about the new friends I made at dinner that night.  The people who put the meeting together went to the Wedge in Deep Deuce and they let me tag along.  As I was sitting there talking and listening to conversations at the table, I realized that I was among people who are already doing the things we want to encourage.  And honestly, I need to do more in my own life.  I had not been a member of the coop, mainly because I was afraid that I would get a bunch of food and let it go to waste because of poor planning and not actually cooking the food I bought.  I know myself. I'm never home. But today has been a snow day and I have been cooking all day. I think the key to my success with this is organization and slowing down long enough to spend some quality time in the kitchen.  It's fun! Why wouldn't I?

It's funny how surprised I am when I find what I hope for.  I shouldn't be.  Goodness keeps surrounding what we're doing and people keep helping us along. Good people. I have always wanted to work with the Food Coop when we get our building open. Specifically, I thought we could order the food for the cooking classes from the coop, but after dinner Saturday night I know there is more we can do and I can't wait!  If you haven't ever seen what is offered through the coop, check out their page.  I think what they are doing is brilliant and so good for Oklahoma.

Here are a few pictures from the meeting. Wish I had some of the group at dinner Saturday night. That was a fun night!

Thank you Claire for introducing me to all of these awesome people!


  1. While the snow is blowing it's great to be able to fill my grocery cart online and also help keep Oklahoma families on their farms. What's not to like?

  2. Thanks for writing about our event! It was so good to have you there and I am really looking forward to working together in the future.

    -Kara Joy McKee
    General Operations Manager
    Oklahoma Food Cooperative

  3. Thank you so much Kara. I am looking forward to working with you too!