Thursday, February 17, 2011

Food Coop Work Day

Yesterday was full of ups and downs but I have to say the highlights were going to class, finding that the work on my house is winding up, and working a few hours at the Oklahoma Food Coop work day.  Today is a delivery day so all of the people who ordered this month from Oklahoma producers will get their food! People who belong to the coop work to make this happen and they get points for doing so.  Members can trade in their points for food. It's genius because it takes everybody to make it work.  OH! And everyone out there who thinks I''m a little princess (yes I know who you are!) should know that I cleaned bathrooms yesterday! Ha! It was not only fun to get to work with everyone but I realized how lazy I can be and blame it on being busy.  Hard work that connects you to your house or an organization you believe in is so important and rewarding.  But that's a little tangent I can save for later.

Other than making new friends and helping to get ready for today, one of my favorite parts of being at the work day was getting to feed some goats.  My friend and fellow member of the coop, Matt, brought his out to the field by the warehouse.  After watching his daughter and another little girl play with the goats, I immediately started getting ideas of how fun it would be to have Matt over to the school, along with his goats, to talk to the kids about the place animals play in sustainability.  Plus I think the kids would just like to pet and hold the "kids." Ok. Bad joke. I know.   Happy Thursday!

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