Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice Storm, Igloo, Omlettes and School

This past week was good.  I went to class on Monday and then Snowpocolypse 2011 hit.  We didn't have class the entire rest of the week.  I spent my time at home doing the following:

Tuesday through Sunday:

Thinking about a swim

Checking out the progress on a new deck

Taking Fancy Pictures of the Same Things

Lit some incense in my old German smoker

Made the Best Breakfast Burrito of All Time



Thursday Night:

Went to visit a friend who made the best igloo I've ever seen. His brother and brother's girlfriend (and perhaps a couple of visitors) completed the team. You should see it! It's complete with corbel vaulting and an oculus. It's like an Etruscan and Roman creation all in one. Plus it just looks cool. :)

Friday Night:
Went to a party at Dr. Kenneth's House. Fun!

We all had a good time. Jaimie and Netha, I know you're having fun too! :)
Saturday Night:

Went to Omelette Party and had the best time.  I saw so many friends and got to dress up in a Mad Men themed outfit.  If I find a picture, I'll add one.  I got to wear my grandmother's fur stole for the first time and it still smelled like her, even three and 1/2 years after she passed away. People would compliment it so I would show them Pie-Pee's name that had been embroidered into the lining and talk about how special she was and still is to me.  I felt like I took her to the party with me and I loved every minute.

Another great thing about the night was the fact that people are starting to hear about the Paseo project and they were asking about it.  An awesome lady and friend, Karen Black, who has a kitchen design business here in OKC offered to donate a consultation for the school.  This will be so great for us because Karen is amazing and because we are going to have some fun cooking classes going on! The blessings and gratitude just keep compounding.

Sunday Night:

I finished up my homework for my Northern Baroque Art History Class and learned some really interesting things about many artists! Here's a little tid bit of fun for you.

Rembrandt, Danae, 1636, St. Petersburg, Hermitage

This piece by Rembrandt is a life-size (8 x 10 ft) depiction of the character, Danae.  She was the mother of Perseus, and was impregnated by Zeus in the form of a shower of gold.  Originally, the model for this work was Rembrandt's wife, Saskia.  After she died in childbirth Rembrandt was supposedly heart broken and there is even speculation that this is the point where his style really changed, i.e. his palette became much more monochromatic and his subjects became more introspective.  Later, he replaced his wife's face with that of his mistress, Geetje Dircx, and it caused quite a stir among Saskia's family.

In 1985 the painting was attacked at the Hermitage by a man wielding sulfuric acid and a knife.  What was it about Danae that provoked the man in such a way? Who knows? Luckily the work was restored but it took twelve years, between 1985 and 1997.  This painting has a juicy past!

Today was a beautiful day, but I hear we're getting another snow storm tomorrow night.  Maybe I'll have new pictures from that little span of time inside.  

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