Thursday, March 3, 2011

Road Trip to Colorado

James and I left on a road trip to Colorado yesterday and the time seemed to fly! There were a few points where I was tired of sitting, but the weather and conversation were great and the skies were so beautiful that when we finally got here we both said that it had seemed like no time at all in the car.  Here's a pic of the Kansas sunset.

We're here to visit a place called 910Arts. They are doing great things here in Denver.  In fact, they seem to have all of the same goals that we do for our school/gallery/living space in OKC.  They have taken two large warehouses and connected them through LEED Certified building and are providing not only a place for artists to work and exhibit, but also a more affordable place for them to live.  They are focused on sustainability and green living too.  We're going to visit a little later today and I'm really looking forward to talking to the people who got this going.  It's always good to meet and talk with ordinary people doing great things.  It helps me to remember that James and I can do this!!! 

After we leave 910Arts, we're going on to Vail to meet up with friends and to go to the Snowball Music Festival! Check out this schedule!!!!! I can't wait to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes tomorrow night!!! (Have you had enough of the exclamation marks?) And then there is Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, Local Natives, Lotus, Bassnectar and oh yeah, The Flaming Lips!!!! I think we're in for a great weekend! :)

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