Thursday, January 27, 2011


So last night I put on my cute little, black, capri sweat pants and a tank top and left the house to FINALLY start going to a yoga class.  Everything I was wearing was a little tight (which is one of the many reasons I was going to Yoga) so I felt a little self-conscious.  I have also never taken a yoga class so I was even more self-conscious.   Then I got a little lost because, even though the numbers on the buildings on Classen are HUGE, I am still so challenged in remembering on what side of the street the odd and even numbered houses or buildings sit.  So then I was late and I have a feeling that yoga people don't want someone coming into their class all flustered and exasperated and messing up their energy.

When I finally arrived, the doors were locked and the lights were off. Whew! I was committed to giving it a go and to embarrassing myself if I had to, but I was really glad that people's first impression of me wouldn't be that I was a flake who couldn't make it to class on time.

When I got home, Phillip had set up the Wi Fit for me so I just stood on the board and did some poses there.  I'm getting ready to do that again and will continue until I can make it to a beginners class.  I'm ready for the change that yoga my body, in my mind, in whatever area it will bring change. I think this will help.

In the meantime, can we talk about how sassy that Wi Fit can be? :)


  1. This may sound super lame but I have been doing Yoga (not very well) for about a year and it has been such a positive experience. . .mentally and physically. I hope you will try it again.

  2. I totally will! Thanks for the encouragement to keep trying. And you didn't sound lame at all. :)

  3. Yeah, the fit is totally sassy! Yoga teachers are normally much nicer and more encouraging than that. They will make you work... but you don't want to punch them :)

  4. Oh good! Glad to know that Maya! Haha! :)