Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OKCBiz Article! Yay!

Ahhhhh!!!!!! I'm so excited! OKCBiz's February issue came out today and there is an article (click here) about James, me, the building and our plans! I can't believe how lucky we are sometimes.  There is something that I'd like to make clear (and I have all over Facebook).  I didn't save the building alone. James and I did that together, along with the help of so many people, especially Sam Gresham and his office team.  We've actually had help all along the way.

There's still so much left to do, but we're going at the pace that graduate school and learning as we go allow.  We're getting it, though! And it's really great to know that people are interested in what we're doing because the more people that get involved, the more people we can serve.  Thank you so much OKCBiz!

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