Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meals and Music

In the spirit of getting things started with the business before we even open our doors, James and I are beginning some new traditions.  We've decided to start hosting dinner nights at our houses in order to promote community and get people to cook.  Our goal is to join the Oklahoma Food Cooperative and use foods that are entirely local (from our great state).  So far, we've just been lucky that I would contribute to the cooking. Ha! James is a great cook and I am getting better.  In fact, I've started to really enjoy it and it's fun to get to a point where you can walk through a grocery store and modify a recipe that you looked up based on what is available in the store...mainly so you don't have to drive to another one.  :)

Because these dinners have recently coincided with rehearsals at James' house for the gig that his room mates, my brother, Justin and John have with me at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art's Cocktails on the Skyline on September 23rd, I got the idea that it would be a lot of fun to start inviting musicians to these dinners (and anyone else that wants to come and contribute).  This idea came to me last Thursday right before our second rehearsal.  We could make this a dinner and music night and when the doors open at the building, we could continue the tradition.  How much fun would that be???

K Ed and T Lyn
I'm so excited about this possibility and know that it would encourage what we want to see happen in the building.  We want people to come together to share ideas, learn from each other and mainly just connect and enjoy their time together.  It's going to be so fun!!!


My brother Tom on Drums
James Made these DELICIOUS fish taco inspired spring rolls while we were practicing.

The Chef Extraordinaire and Kevin

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