Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Time DIY

James and I are having Work Day Mondays until we get to the point where we can get started at the building.  Then everyday will pretty much be a work day! Yay!!! I love work days.

This past Monday we worked on his garage studio because we are trying to get the home office up and running at his place too.  I'm really excited about the changes James is making there (and that I'm getting to help with) because he is transforming it into an energy efficient place through things like adding insulation, an attic fan, sealing up all of the holes, a ceiling fan, etc.  In addition, James is spiffing it up with trim, a skylight in the bathroom, and we're staining the concrete floor.  We want to encourage people to learn how to do things for themselves at the school, and this could be just one of many classes we could provide, so I thought it would be fun to film it!

I was around for the first step of the floor project and decided to use my handy, dandy new iPhone to record the process.  James thought that if we were to capture more projects like this, we could call it "First Time DIY."  You'll hear his explanation in the short film below. It's my first attempt at editing footage I've taken on my iMovie app. so please be forgiving of the cricket sound and the lack of skill...that will improve over time! I added a few pics at the end too.  Because I had class at OU, I wasn't around for more than the cleaning, but I'll take some pics of the final product and post them later! Enjoy!


  1. perhaps when the queen of sheetrock is next in town, she will assist you in your endeavors. what an amazing dream you are making come true!

  2. Thanks Anne! We will welcome the help! :)

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