Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Okie Noodling!

Last weekend I had the most awesome privilege of volunteering at the Okie Noodling Festival. I call it "the most awesome privilege" because it's just so much fun to be there. I grabbed my good friends James and Preston and signed them up to be my "posse," as the incredible Cacky Poarch called them. (While I'm at this point in this blog entry, can we just talk about how wonderful Cacky Poarch is? She organized the volunteers and who knows what else at the festival and can TCB like no one else. I have so much respect for that lady!)

Me and My Posse: James and Preston

Ok so back to the fest. James, Preston and I showed up a little early so that we could take in the announcements of the weigh-ins and man, I think the winner caught a catfish that weighed something like 78 pounds! Wholly Moly!!!! That's a big fish!

I don't know if that's the winner or not, but it's still a big ol' fish! Ha!
The things I loved the most about the festival was getting to see friends I haven't seen in a while, meeting new people and experiencing something that is unique to Oklahoma. A friend that I went to school with and graduated high school with in good old Ardmore, America, James Payne, is one of the guys who produced the Okie Noodling documentaries and who helped start the festival and tournament 13 years ago. I'm so impressed with James; plus he's just a really nice guy. He and his team (including Bradley Beesley, the director) have worked on all kinds of awesomeness, including Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo, Winnebago Man, and sooooo much more. I have to admit that I get a little start struck before I talk to them and then they just act like normal (as normal as you can be when you're that brilliant), hilarious, down-to-earth people who just appreciate all the quirky aspects of humanity. They are "good people" as my grandmother used to say.

So here are some pictures of my favorite peeps that attended the festival. I had the best time and can't what to do it again next year, if Cacky asks me back. Fingers crossed! :)

Preston and Kyle - The Best Staches in the State!

Kim and Katie- Love these Ladies!

Bryon is so awesome! 

Preston doesn't look too sure about this pic, but I had to add this pic of Steve. He and Chandra were there celebrating their "birthaversary." They were married on Chandra's birthday! 
What a way to celebrate! 
Chandra and I were photo bombed by one of the competitors! 
(and my bra strap, but who really cared? Haha!) Yes!

Preston was very official at our post in the information booth. (We didn't use this mic once. Haha!)

Did I mention that we were paid in beer? Thank you PBR! 
By the end of the shift, James had one of his classic hairdos. Love it!

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