Monday, June 11, 2012

Ireland: Day 3! Blarney Castle, Woolen Mills & Cobh!

This was the first picture I took of Ireland
After mom and I got ourselves together and ate breakfast, we left the ship and hopped on a tour bus for the Blarney Castle and Woolen Mills. I would gush about how beautiful it is there, but I'm beginning to realize that everywhere in Ireland (at least the part I've seen so far) is beautiful.

The Walk Up to the Castle

Blarney Castle

Inside the Great Hall of the Castle, Climbing to the Top

Just a Little Bit Higher Now

Original Window Openings

Looking Down Over the Edge of the Top, Poison Garden Below

Looking Down from the Top, Inside the Castle

I kissed the Blarney Stone at the Top!

As I climbed higher and higher, the steps of stone grew narrow and worn. The woman in front of me, Karen from NYC also became more and more nervous. She said, "Talk to me!" so I asked her about her favorite museums in NYC and we both agreed that MoMA was moving and wonderful. Then we talked about her kids and grand kids and before you knew it, we were on top of the castle! She didn't kiss the stone. She said Jewish ladies could just blow kisses, and she did! I kissed it twice, once for me and once for mom, but I told her one of the kisses were for her too. After I found out what the kiss was good for, the gift of gab, I realized that I could have probably given them both away. Haha! (Anyone who knows me, knows that is true.)

After I took the steps back down again (p.s. that can be even scarier than going up!) I trekked over across the grounds to the Fern Garden. Ummmm...hello. That garden was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. I collect ferns, so I was totally intrigued. I know my friends Phillip and Patrick will be as excited to see the images too!

This Way!

In Order to Get to the Fern Garden, One Has to Hike Down a Hard-to-Find Path!

When One First Rounds a Corner and Catches a Glimpse of the Ferns, There is Still a Surprise Waiting Down in a Valley!  

Holy Moly!

Ok Ferns, Now You're Just Showing Off!!!
After I left the Blarney Castle grounds, I met up with mom and the other ladies at the Woolen Mills where I bought a few souvenirs for friends and then we headed back to the ship on the bus. I had just settled in to watch a movie when Kay came along and told us that there was a fair going on in the city of Cobh (pronounced Cove) and that we should all go. So we did! When we arrived in town, we took in the little, local festival and some sites. AND THEN WE WENT TO A PUB.

That was a fun time! The bartender, David, let my friend Lydia and I get behind the bar to take some pics. We giggled most of the time. We even met some cute Irish men who came in to watch the soccer game between Ireland and Italy. (Italy won so it's been a bit of a touchy subject today. I won't mention it again. I was rooting for Ireland.)

Great Friends!

Me, David, and Lydia!

Anyone want a Jameson???

After a while, we couldn't watch anymore because we had to get back on the boat! But it was such a great day. I started to feel myself unwind a little today and I really need that, so I'm thinking that there's something about Ireland that puts me at ease. Can't wait for tomorrow!

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