Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Off to See the Queen!

We encountered signs and flags everywhere, celebrating the Queen's 60 years of rule.

Mom and I arrived in London yesterday morning with a group of Ardmore friends and as soon as we could get cleaned up, we hit the town. We were lucky enough to visit during the last day of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, so we wanted to get out there and see if we could catch a glimpse of the monarch. I asked our group if they had ever ridden on the Tube here and when they said they hadn't, I thought, "Well, that's an inexpensive experience we can have without worrying about all of the road closures and we'll get some exercise too!" So off we went! Goodness, there were so many people down by Westminster Abbey that we couldn't even get to it and we didn't see the Queen, but it was still worth the look around. Plus, we're with such a nice group of people, we'll have fun no matter what we do.

The flowers in the hotel lobby were gorgeous!

Outside the Chancery Court Hotel

Underground tunnel to the Tube!


All the ladies...and Fred!

The London Eye

Look kids! Big Ben, Parliament!

Mom! Love her. :)

Big Ben's Close Up
Houses of Parliament

The London Eye with Jets Flying By for the Queen's Jubilee Celebration
Tonight, we arrived back at our rooms after eating fish and chips in the hotel bar, just in time to see the Queen's address, thanking everyone for all of the support, good wishes and for attending the events included in the celebration. I was happy we could see it after being down amongst the crowd!

Tomorrow we'll be off to Highclere Castle! That's where "Downton Abbey" is filmed and I can't wait to see it!!!!! I've seen every episode and might even watch one after I finish this entry, so as to brush up a little on the location. I'm so excited to go!

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