Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paseo Arts Festival Video

Thanks to the brilliant work of Kyle and James over at Home Base Studios we now have a video of James and I talking about the things we wanted to accomplish through volunteering with this year's Paseo Arts Festival.  I'm so impressed with their skill, artistic ability and I love their sense of humor.  I'm proud to work with them and to be on the same team with them in preparing for all the things that we're going to do at Sixtwelve!  They have been working on the artist videos for the JRB Gallery for almost a year now and I've seen them grow and grow in not only their ability (they always had that) but in their artistic eye for things.  They've also been heavily involved in creating and running the STATIC program over at IAO.

These guys really care about our community, the growth of Oklahoma's support of film and video artists and they want to help! It's fun to work with them and I'm honored to call them my friends too.  Yay Kyle and James!!!!

Now take a peak at this sweet video!

612 presents: Paseo Arts Festival 2011 from Home Base studios on Vimeo.

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