Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cabin Time = Ideas About the Past and the Future!

I'm currently out at the cabin with my family for the Fourth of July and I'm grateful for the time away from the normal hustle and bustle.  It gives me a chance to do things that I'm usually either too busy or too distracted to reading magazines, taking care of myself (i.e. sleeping, beauty rituals, etc.) and enjoying the little pleasures of life like taking walks and drinking out of a mason jar.

I also love the time that I get to spend with my family.  My grandfather has been full of stories during this visit that I've never heard before.  I thought I had heard them all, and even recorded my grandparents telling these iconic (they were to the Young family anyway) stories before my grandmother passed away.  Kyle and James (Homebase Studios) edited them for me and I gave the final package to my family as a Christmas present a couple of years ago.  I love and cherish that video.  It's not only full of our family history, but it's hilarious too.  

My grandparents have set the tone for the rest of the family's sense of humor...and if you know me, you know what I'm talking about.  I'd say our recipe is a dash of sarcasm, a small amount of disdain for those who think too highly of themselves and a love for the vernacular. In the place where they grew up in the 20s and 30s, Lone Grove, Oklahoma, these elements were abundant.  As long as I've lived, I've heard my parents say things like, "That sounds like it came straight out of Lone Grove."

I took a walk last night after dinner and thought about how fun it would be to bring students out here for a camping retreat when we get the school open. I know how much being here brings me peace, so I thought that it could possibly do the same for others.  Maybe we could have a camping class or a photography class field trip or some kind of combination! In addition to peace, I feel inspiration here.  I'm not the best photographer, but I enjoy it.  Here are some examples of shots I captured last night while just walking around.


Sunset #1

Walking to the Lily Pad Pond

Lily Pad Pond

Lily Pads

Lily Pad Pond minus the Hipstamatic Filters

Sunset #2

Road to the Gate

The cows joined me for part of my walk.  I think they thought I was bringing them food. :)

Sunset #3

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