Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Starting a Movement!

Yesterday my friend Preston showed me a great TED Talk and I loved it! It was a talk given by Derek Sivers titled, "How to Start a Movement."  I think it struck a chord with me so deeply for many reasons.  First, if you watch the video, you'll see a guy dancing alone (in the beginning) and in a rather hilarious way.  It reminds me of James.  He's known as someone who is pretty shy and reserved, so it might surprise you to know that he actually loves dancing and can let loose like no other while cutting a rug.  In fact, he says it brings him a lot of happiness.  I always just giggle because I see the people around him being entertained by his wacky style.

But what the people around him that are usually pointing and laughing don't understand is that he is doing it not only to have fun, but also to create good energy for them.  He wants to fill the room with happiness and life and that energy spreads pretty quickly! People who were originally just standing there end up catching the "bug" and dancing right alongside James! It looks a lot like what you see in the video here:

The second reason I loved the video was because I have been thinking about all of these concepts and how we can apply them to what we're going to do with 612.  I want it to be a place where good energy spreads...and I mean spreads right out of the doors and into our community.  I think it will! I think that people are going to find something there that they can take back out into their own lives, to those of their families' and neighbors' and that will expand beyond.  At least that's what I'm hoping!  I also found it interesting that one of the keys to starting a movement is to treat those that want to join you in the beginning as equals.  I believe that's true.  Everyone is going to be important in what they will bring to the table at 612, whenever they jump aboard, but those that really believe in you and your dreams from the beginning are of great value!

The third reason I loved the video is because of the person who showed it to me.  I think the world of my friend Preston and I know he was showing me something that he wants to do with is own life.  It excites me to think that he understands so fully what I want to see happen in our community because he lives in a different town and we can all do it wherever we are. We can all spread love and happiness in our own community and the more people that do it, the better it is for everyone! Sometimes it takes looking like a "nut" for a little while, but if what you are doing is good for you and others, it won't be long before the energy is contagious.  People will want to join you!  

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