Monday, August 22, 2011

Historic Preservation Expo!

Last week was full of exciting things going on around OKC but one of my favorites was the Historic Preservation Expo held Friday and Saturday at the Cox Convention Center.  This event was organized by OKC's Office of Sustainability and the State Historic Preservation Office and served a great need! Presentations and classes were given in topics ranging from energy efficiency to tax credits for HP and there were over 30 vendors or organizations represented.  James and I attended specifically to hear Dennis from Wewoka Window Works give a presentation on How to Restore and Revive a Wood Window with Brad Owens.  Dennis even used a picture of our building in WWW's exhibition booth alongside images of the work they did on the windows at Union Station downtown.  I felt very honored for our building to be featured right next to such a beautiful, historic building in OKC.  Mainly, I'm just grateful that I live in a city where people are so dedicated to not only preserving our history, but helping others with the same interest.  People like Catherine Montgomery with the city and Harry Simms with the state office were both so helpful to James and to me when we were just starting out on our project and I wasn't surprised at all to know that they had a huge hand in planning the expo.  We are a part of a community of great people and it's a privilege to say that.

Here's a picture of Dennis and Brad giving their talk!

And now to get back to what I really should be doing...studying French! My test is tomorrow! Wish me luck!!!

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