Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paseo Arts Festival Music

My band, "The Jones," performing at the Paseo Arts Festival (with Ross Becker' getting the crowd going with his dancing)
photo by Romy Owens
Me and a great volunteer & friend, Sunshine Hahn!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I had the privilege of seeing months and months of work come to fruition.  I was the chair of the music committee for the Paseo Arts Festival this year and scheduled all of the music for the south stage.  It was my first time to do anything like that and I learned so much! There are things that I will do differently next year, such as scheduling really loud bands to play later in the evening and softer bands during the day.  I heard a few complaints about that and totally understand.  I also learned something about being clear with people about your expectations so that there is absolutely no way they can misunderstand or be confused about what is expected of them.  Ah humanity.  It always stretches you to collaborate or work with other people, and I have a lot to learn so I'm grateful for these experiences!

What I can say with full confidence is that I worked with some really awesome people.  The Paseo Arts Association board was so welcoming and kind.  They supported me in ways that I wasn't used to. Haha!  James planned a great event over on the lot next to our building and it seemed like everything we asked permission to do, they approved or found a way to help us find the resources we needed.  I couldn't be more grateful!

And the musicians and volunteers I was lucky enough to work with were stellar! I kept meeting band after band, volunteer after volunteer, and performer after performer that I admired and enjoyed.  Kindness is the quality I value most in people and it was evident in huge quantities that weekend...even with the heat.  Here are some pics!

The Tarpley Tappers opened the South Stage!

Lauren Zuniga moved me with her words. It was my first time to hear her!

Edgar Cruz! What a superb musician and a very kind man!

Colleen our intern and her boyfriend, Nelson, taking a break from the heat.  Thanks for all that you did during the festival Colleen!

I thought this bike was really cool! 

Tracy Reed Band opening the stage on Sunday morning! They were awesome!

Robby, Amy and Preston - Volunteers Extraordinaire! 

Colleen and Robby - This duo and Preston really kept the parking issues at bay and the stage flowing smoothly!

Me and one of my favorite volunteers, Preston!

Ballet Flamenco!

Kyle Dillingham brought down the house! I can't believe the things he can do with a violin/fiddle! :)

So honored to have my picture made with Kyle! He's so talented and kind!

Camille Harp and the boys! She rocked it!

Klondike5 was a great headliner.  I love me some bluegrass!

612 is really coming along! More pics of the event to follow when I get them from James!

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