Sunday, June 19, 2011


I'm currently in New York City visiting friends and having a great time! I feel so lucky to have a couch to sleep on and I found a great deal on a ticket so it's been quite easy to get here. Yesterday's travel went really smoothly too. I even sat next to someone on the flight from OKC to Dallas that I think will be a very valuable resource. She was a kind and open lady who works at OU's College of Continuing Education. She is the director of the testing department and no matter what you think of standardized testing, evaluation and assessment are things that have to happen in an educational program. I hated standardized testing as a teacher, especially as a teacher in the fine arts. I am pretty sure that I won't be using it in the preschool but you have to know the measurement instruments out there before you can decide what's best for the kids. This wonderful lady I sat next to is the expert on testing in Oklahoma and the perfect person for me to go to with questions. I sometimes can't believe my own luck.

Oh and then last night I met a guy, Roy Lightner, who is here, helping to choreograph broadway shows and he said he would come to 612 to work every now and then. Astonishing!!! I'm so excited! He's talented, kind and was generous enough to start giving me the lowdown on people in Oklahoma that he really respects and thinks would be good for me to work with as well. We've had fun talking and getting to know each other and the gratitude I feel keeps filling up my heart!

I am consistently reminded that I have everything I need and that I always will.

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