Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meetings = Fun When It's Your Passion You're Meeting About!

This week has been full of meetings...mostly over meals, so they've been fine by me! :)  And it's felt more like getting together with friends to talk about my passion for Sixtwelve than the traditional meeting, but it's progress just the same.  I love it!

Kat, Me and Lindsey at Big Truck Tacos!

On Tuesday I had breakfast with my friend Kat at Big Truck Tacos and met a wonderful new friend, Lindsey.  She and her fiance are starting a new non profit to help educational institutions with building web sites! Woohoo! We are going to need help with this because James has some big ideas for the ways in which our website will integrate with what we are going to offer.  And Kat just asked if Lindsey could join us because they were having a hard time making their own schedules work out for meeting.  I'm so glad that I said yes! Just one more example of having everything we need as we need it!

Yesterday I had lunch with Jeffrey Gordon and talked about committee meetings for our First Friday events in the Paseo and ways that he can help.  I'm so grateful for everyone's support and I know that we are going to provide some fun stuff for people when we get these events going.  I feel like I can handle one thing a month right now while I'm still in school.

Last night I met with a friend just to eat dinner but it turned out to be a time for sharing ideas about travel and ways that she can work with us too.  I can't wait for that part of the job! Haha!

Tonight I'm going to a pick-up site in Edmond for the Oklahoma Food Cooperative and will be training in order to make Sixtwelve a pick up site for the coop sometime in the future.  I am really, really, really, really thrilled about this because it will make things so convenient for people in my own neighborhood and those surrounding to use the coop if they choose to and that's what James and I have been saying is our goal from the beginning.  We want to make it easy for people to incorporate things into their lives that are good for them and our community!

What a productive and fun week!

(Did I mention I'm going to the Ghostland Observatory show tonight at the Diamond Ballroom? Can't wait to dance, dance, dance!!!)

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