Thursday, March 31, 2011

A (Full) Day in My Life

Yesterday was a full day! It started with my Northern Baroque Art History class at OU, which I LOVE!!! The rest of the day went something like this...

I went to Native Roots Market in Norman with Phillip.  It was my first time to visit and I am so impressed! It's all "local, natural and organic!"

If you bring your own shopping bag, they give you a token to place in tube, labeled with the name of local charities.  You can choose who to support with your token and they will donate a quarter per token to that charity. I think this is a great idea and it goes hand in hand with ideas James and I have had related to fund raisers and other events at SixTwelve.  

I narrowed down my choice to Dreamer Concepts Studios because I think Amber Clour and her team are doing great things for the arts in Norman or to the Junior League of Norman because I used to be a member (when I lived in Norman) and because they do wonderful things for kids related to literacy, teen motherhood and many other contributions to the community. So what did I choose?

I chose Junior League! But next time I'll choose Dreamer! :)

After we left Native Roots, we went to Phillip's brother's house to see the ducks in the backyard. They really were cute and I got to experience something else I'd never done before.

There was a nest!

And I got to collect eggs!

They are a little bigger than chicken eggs.  Phillip let me keep them and I scrambled a couple of them up this morning for breakfast.  I have to say, they're pretty good!

The Duck's House

After I got back up to the city, I took some lunch to James because he and Kyle were hard at work on painting new windows for the building!!!

Kyle was as excited as I was about it! Haha!

Then I came home and got ready for friends to come over and eat dinner, but first I had to take time to stop and appreciate the Wisteria that is in full bloom over my car port! It just looks and smells so good.

This morning I went to the Paseo Arts Festival planning meeting, which was also great! Life is full!


  1. I love Native Roots, I get some of my meat there. And I have never thought about duck eggs, did they have more flavor?

  2. They were definitely thicker in consistency and they had a fuller flavor. I may prefer chicken eggs, but I'm questioning whether that is because they're what I've always eaten. It's the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese theory I have. I like it best because that's what we ate growing up. I've got four more eggs to experiment with to find out. :)