Saturday, March 5, 2011


Thursday included a great trip to 910Arts in Denver.  Sometimes it's hard to just read a website and fully understand what a place has to offer or what it will look like in person. So we have decided to visit places that are doing similar things to what we want to accomplish.  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful this space was and there were a lot of things that James and I would like to incorporate into our place in the Paseo, such as renting the gallery space out for events, leaving some things exposed in the building, wishing for as many skylights as possible, having display cases for artists in the hallways, and more! It was also really interesting to be able to walk around and peek into artists' studios and to observe them in their process.  There was so much creative energy flowing through this place and it made me excited about what we are doing because I can see many of these things happening at SixTwelve! (That's what we've decided to call our space.  The programs will continue to be named what we have decided, The Young School (preschool), YoungLab (adult programs), etc.) but the space itself and overall name for everything will be SixTwelve.

Here are some images from the visit!

After walking through the hallway entry off of the street, you're greeted with a courtyard.

The Courtyard  includes an entrance to a coffee shop, "Studio 6 Coffee Shop."

Looking back towards the entry hallway

Old Skylights from the original warehouse in the gallery space.

James checking out the skylights...we've had quite a few discussions about skylights.

They're putting a bar in the main exhibition space.  This gallery can be rented out for events.

Entrance to the gallery

Stairwell to Artists' Residences and Studio Spaces

Many of the Apartments and Studios had Display Cases Next to the Doors.

Display Case - We thought this was a great idea!


There's Always More

Grabbing Smoothies in the Coffee Shop

Looking Out from the Inside

The Two Warehouses that Have Been Renovated, Joined and Turned Into 910Arts!

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  1. I stopped in this place while in denver for a Greenbuild conference. I have a picture of the same stairwell! Great place!