Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Podcast, Story #2!

Ok, so it's a day late, but we've got it done and I love it! Here's podcast #2!

It is wonderful to me because it features a great Oklahoma artist who is more than amazing, Romy Owens.  This woman not only knows photography, but also other artists in this state and she promotes them every day.  Through her Facebook page, she tells people daily about different art events from which they can learn and enjoy.  This woman is a giver. It's no surprise to me that she wins awards, but it's always refreshing to see someone so successful give back and that's what inspired this podcast.  Thanks to a grant from the Paseo Arts Association, she's been able to work with students from Edgemere Elementary School to help them to know more about photography and the work of William Eggleston. They took photographs of their own living spaces in Eggleston's "snapshot" style and there will be a great exhibition at AKA Gallery in the Paseo on First Friday, November 5th.  It's called "Sanctuary."  Don't miss it! I was privileged to see the work of these young artists and IT IS MOVING.

The best thing about Oklahoma is the fact that people want to work together for the good of those in our community.  Romy Owens is one person we would all be privileged to work with and I can only hope to be so lucky as to work with her at our school.  Thanks Romy for giving us a little time to hear more about what you do.


  1. please let us do something for you.

    love, tracey & andy zeeck.

  2. It would be our privilege to work with you Tracey! We'll figure it all out very soon. It's all evolving and it's fun to see how people fit in. It's all about community with us and you're a very important part of the community. Thanks so much!