Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aaaaaaaand we have a name!

I have wanted to open a school for art and music for about seven years now.  At least that's how long ago it was that I started thinking that I could actually do it.  My mom says that I used to talk about having a little red school house when I was in high school, so I think this has been in my consciousness for even longer.  But when I really started thinking that this was my goal, I thought about names for the school and what I would want it to be.  It was always "The Young School."  I thought it would be fun because it's my last name and it would be for young people, preschoolers.

However, when I met James and I started to open my heart to an even bigger idea (James has the best ideas and they're always big) I knew that I would need to be open to other names out of respect for the collaboration and other people's hopes, dreams and ideas.  So I haven't been demanding that we use "The Young School"...until a few days ago.  

I want to honor my family because they have not only helped me with funding for the project, but also given me the experiences and support that makes me want to give to others.  In addition, I want the building to be a place that helps people to be happy and to always feel young.  Learning and sharing rejuvenates you! Realizing how much you've grown over a period of time can bring real happiness.

So, as usual, James was very generous and kind and agreed that it would be ok to keep the name that I have always wanted. I couldn't be more grateful.  And now that we have that decided, we can move forward with creating a website which will feature our podcasts, a link to the blog and eventually everything that we want to share with people online.  We can also get a logo and stationery put together.

I'm so excited!!! "The Young School" is coming together!


  1. Thanks Romy! I'm so thrilled about it all! Can't wait to see what you've done with the photos you took of the bldg and to see you this weekend. :)

  2. Hooray for The Young School! SOOOO excited!

  3. That's a great name! I'm glad things are coming along nicely.

    Hey, if you need someone for the branding work, I've got a fantastic reference for you.

    Shirley Morrow

    Shirley's all-pro, and very fun to work with.

  4. Oh thank you Trey! I've had a few people volunteer their services, but it's great to have options and to know that you trust Shirley. I will definitely keep her in mind!

  5. Forever Young! I love the name Amy! Can't wait for it all to come together.