Sunday, October 3, 2010

826 = Inspiration

Through the school and community center that we want to start, I want to shine the light on just how special people are...of all ages.  My friends Genevieve Santos and James Varnum told me about stores in San Francisco, Brooklyn and New York (and there are more!).  They are all part of the 826 National program and here is a TED talk to tell you more about them.

I have already written about wanting to provide after school programs for kids that help them get their homework done before they go home so that there will be less of a struggle between the kids and their parents, but while watching this video, the idea came to me that we could partner with a school that is right there in the Paseo.  It's just an idea today, but who knows what it could be a year and a half from now when I'm finished with my masters degree and just about ready to open those doors??? Exciting!

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