Monday, November 8, 2010

Podcasts...I mean "Stories"

Well, our goal was to release podcasts (we've decided to call then stories, since that's what I named my blog.) every two weeks but as you can see, I haven't even posted a blog entry since the last one and today's podcast is delayed due to some AWESOME work that Kyle and James have taken on.  They're creating the videos for The Paseo Art Association's Oklahoma Artists Awards.  Have I mentioned that they have their own film/video business called Home Base Studios? Check them out! These creative fellows have some great projects under their belts!

It has been a great honor to work on these awards because we have such talent and passion in the state of Oklahoma! We have to show our gratitude for these amazing people who work diligently to create and educate all of us.

So we're a little behind in our own schedule, but it's all in the name of giving and also getting my homework done for school.  That time of the semester when everyone starts to dig in a little deeper and to stress because they might not get it all done has hit, so I've neglected writing things here.

Coming soon, though, are podcasts about "Meals and Music" and a very special gift I received at my birthday party in the form of a performance piece by Molly O'Connor...I mean Emily Kzany.  I was so touched by what she did that I have to share it.  She's another one of those people who give an incredible amount of herself to this community and I'm so honored to call her a friend.

Thanks everyone and have a great Monday!!!

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