Monday, March 26, 2012

Visiting Family at Pebble Hill Plantation

I snuck away this weekend and it couldn't have come at a better time. I drove down to Thomasville, Georgia to see my cousins Wallace and Debbie.  Wallace has managed Pebble Hill Plantation there for many years now and after visiting, I can see why they wanted to stay for so long. It's just beautiful!

This history of the town is just as interesting as the current cultural climate and because of time limits (I have to get back to work on my thesis!), I won't go into it too much right now, but let's just say that Thomasville has a history of drawing outsiders in. I'm sure that having such lovely hosts didn't hurt my welcome, but the same could be said for today. Everywhere I went, I was greeted with kindness and hospitality. Wallace and Debbie are the sweetest people. They made me feel at home, and what a beautiful home it was. Here are a collection of images from my visit.

Pebble Hill Plantation

Pebble Hill Plantation 

Driving in to Pebble Hill Plantation

The pond on Pebble Hill Plantation (in the far right background)

Love that Spanish Moss

Sweet Grass Dairy's Cheese Shop on Broad Street (This organization is a local Dairy) Yum!!!!!

Inside the Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop - It was hoppin'!

Firefly! This was my favorite shop onThomasville's Broad Street. (Sweet Grass was a close second.)

I loved the window displays in Firefly!

When Debbie took me into Firefly, my favorite shop on Broad Street (Thomasville's Main Street), I instantly connected to the atmosphere. The items sold were unique and artistic, but it was mainly the displays that caught my eye. I loved the window display of wooden branches, hanging from the ceiling. The branches were wrapped in green yarn at different places and jars or bird cages hung from the bottom.  In each jar was a light, so it acted as a chandelier. They had a brighter version of this just above the check out desk.  Brilliant!

A lady named Nan owns this store, started a restaurant and plans events.  Goodness knows what else she's involved in. I imagine she's quite woven into the fabric of her community. One of her most recent events, a wedding, was covered by Garden & Gun Magazine! When I told her about the things that James and I want to do back in OKC, she was so supportive and encouraging.  She gave me her card and some great advice. I told her that I would be back. I look forward to seeing what else this great woman achieves! It's wonderful to meet other women who have set creative goals for their lives and who do everything they can to reach them.  I felt exactly the same way about Debbie. She has accomplished so much in her life and was really encouraging to me when I spoke about my thesis. She was also a huge support during a time of unsettled anticipation in my writing process and time away from home. 

I needed some support this weekend, so the getaway couldn't have come at a better time. I'm so grateful and can't wait to go back someday. Hopefully it will be soon! Now back to work!!!! Happy Monday to all. 

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