Friday, September 16, 2011

Oklahoma Food Coop Pick-Up Day!

Today, Sixtwelve became the new Paseo pick-up site for the Oklahoma Food Cooperative.  James volunteered all day (from 9am until 8pm tonight! Way to go James!) and I worked in the afternoon after getting school stuff squared away.  I have to admit that I was nervous about how things would go.  A brand new site with people (me and James) running it could potentially be a mess, but Adam Price (the guy in charge of delivery routes for the co-op) joined us and was on hand for advice and guidance the whole time.  I found that the more we helped people find their food and check out, the more I understood ways in which to make things flow smoothly.  It didn't hurt that the people who came to pick up their food were so incredibly kind and patient.

Kyle came over and filmed most of the experience, not only for a video podcast we'll put out within a week, but also for the Co-op to have some footage of the new site opening.  I have a feeling that he captured me stressed out in the beginning, but hopefully he'll include me loosening up a bit as time passed. I just know that you don't mess with people's money or food.  I didn't want to do anything that would give us a bad reputation right from the beginning.  But I didn't! All went well! In fact, people thanked us for opening the site and said they were excited about it too! This made all of the difference for me.  Most of the people who thanked us also said that it was just so convenient because they lived in the Paseo or close by.  I was really happy to hear that because James and I both want to make it easy for people to do things that are good and healthy for them.  And we're doing it!!!!

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