Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dilapidation Notice Removed!!

James got a call today from Danny B. with the city of OKC, saying that the dilapidation notice that had been placed on Sixtwelve before we bought it has been removed!!!! Yahoooooo!!! I'm ecstatic about this because it means title insurance can be applied to a loan from the bank and the bank has said we could have the loan when this took place.  So as soon as the bank stuff is finalized, we can get started on the inside of the building!!! This is awesome news!

So in honor of that sweet building at 612 NW 29th Street, I thought I'd post some pics showing the progress up to this date! It's been quite an adventure so far!

At this point, we had some framing of the windows complete, but that was about it!

Some of the bricks were falling off the building before we bought it, so we had them taken off, the structure repaired, a vapor shield put up and then the same bricks put back on.  James and I both wish we could have left the bricks all over the building looking like this, but they had originally been painted and we wanted to be historically accurate, so the whole building was painted white!

Lookin' good!

The balconies will be lots of fun when they're finished!

612 painted white!

James checking out the progress! By this point we had gotten a new roof and our new windows would be in soon!

The first window by Wewoka Window Works installed!

We found the second window installed on Earth Day.  Next to the building is "Buddy" our Red Bud that we bought for the building that day!

The windows are in and the trim is painted black!

Our new door is actually the original door, refurbished a little...It has the original hardware and wood!

All we have left to do on the outside is paint the front door red, add some gutters and then finish up some trim work!