Thursday, November 25, 2010

So Much to Be Thankful For and Story #3: Meals and Music!

It's Thanksgiving day so I'm not only typing this while experiencing a food overdose, but I'm also sitting on the floor listening to a few different conversations going on amongst my family members.  The topics range from my sweet new nephew, Gaius, to the new iPhone update that apparently removes all your pictures and music. (You have to plug the phone back in after the update and load the images and music back on.  Just FYI in case this can be of any help.)

We've had a great afternoon of sharing, encouraging, discussing, disagreeing, challenging, inspiring and loving...and eating. :)  It's been so fun! I think about all of the things that my parents have exposed us to and given us the opportunity to experience.  These are the things that I would like to give other people at the school and they include exposure to music, art, travel, good food, culture and ways in which to love others and yourself more fully.

So today, in honor of the music and good food (both of which we've experienced here today) here is the third (podcast) story! Hope you enjoy!

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