Thursday, October 30, 2014

Runnin' Down That Road

I'm currently sitting in the car. James is driving us home to OKC, taking a new route because we decided to visit my parents in Florida before returning from this trip to Savannah. I'm so glad we drove down to see them because I have missed them! 

I love these drives because I usually get a lot of work done while James is at the wheel. We also have a lot of time to talk and figure things out, which is valuable. On this leg of the trip, we've been discussing big picture dreaming, models of schools and community groups and systems we should put into place in order to help SixTwelve run smoothly. It's fun because I feel like I can see what will happen there more clearly everyday. 

I've decided that we will wait on starting the pre-school, even though I believe it to be one of the biggest needs in our community. I just feel like I have so many things to learn before jumping in, AND we need to take things one step at a time in order for everything to be as successful as possible. 

So here's the new priority list for getting things open at SixTwelve:

1. After-school programs & Residencies.
2. Trade Share Program
3. Pre-School

There are things like playground equipment and safety embellishments that we will need to make for the pre-school that will take funding I haven't yet earned/raised. So I will continue to work toward those goals and implement them as I have the funds and time. 

I believe this is not only the smartest way to proceed, but also the best! I can't wait to work with those kids and to provide experiences for people that I know have the potential to transform. After attending the Alliance of Artist Communities conference last week in Charleston, I'm fired up about getting to open our doors and get to work! (That's a whole different blogpost. What an incredibly important and inspiring conference! So glad I went!)

It won't be long now. In fact we're going to have an open house on December 5th, during Paseo's First Friday Gallery Walk. I think we'll open our doors in January! Can't wait! 

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