Monday, August 25, 2014

Top 10 List for The Best Things That Have Happened Since My Last Blog Post

I have been bad about blogging. I'm sure that everyone could see that. No surprise there, but the truth is I used to think about what I wanted to say and edit and hyperlink and....all of the things that people do when they blog. For the past two years, I have been going and going, with little time to stop and process, let alone write about it. I'm grateful and I don't feel like I owe anyone an explanation, but obviously I do a little or I wouldn't be writing about it AGAIN! GAHHHH!!!

So instead of trying to go back and recreate my reactions to events, I'll just list my 10 favorite things that have happened since my last post and that will at least keep this entry to a length that won't drive people to drink.

1. SixTwelve received its nonprofit status!!!!!! Ahahahaha!!! So excited!!! Receiving that piece of mail gave James and me both a boost that we needed. We are both grateful to be doing what we're doing, but it has been almost five years since we bought SixTwelve and started down this road.  Now it seems that I can't do anything without wishing that I was at 612 working. All I want to do is focus on the programming and the building, but that's not my reality. I'm just glad that I feel so inspired and ready to move on everything!

2. I adopted a pup named "Willie." I debated with myself as to whether this was #1 or #2 in this Top Ten list. I seriously love that little fella. He is only 4.5 months old and he is already doing tricks and following commands and sleeping through the night. Yes, I know. You get it. I'm gushing. So sorry.

3. Denise Duong & Lauren Zuniga both agreed to work at SixTwelve. This is huge to me. I admire both of these women so much and know that they will give an incredible gift to their students. I'm so proud that they will be teaching with us.

4. Romy Owens agreed to be SixTwelve's first resident that we send to Savannah!!!! I've started work and planning for the show that Romy will have at the end of her time there and I hope to have it firm later in the fall. Romy is the Sh*t. Seriously. Her work is not only some of my favorite, it's important. It's on time.

5. I got to walk the streets of Savannah as a resident and take Willie with me. It was everything I dreamed of.

6. We started planning our first SixTwelve fundraiser! It's going to be Mardi Gras ball! This next Valentine's Day (the Saturday before Fat Tuesday 2015) we will be having quite the shindig at 612 and hope to someday grow the party big enough to have floats going down Paseo Drive. It's going to be so fun!

7. I've met some really inspiring people that have helped me to look forward with important considerations and even more confidence.

8. I've slowed down a little and will actually get to be in Oklahoma for a month and a half before leaving town.

9. I've experienced the support of so many great friends. Because of them, I've learned to let myself ask for help. That's really hard sometimes. I've also had some really hilarious and fun times with these friends.

10. This may be way to personal and somewhat morbid for some reading this, but I have to write it. I got to be by my grandfather's side the night before he passed away. In fact, I think he let go of this world about 20 minutes after my sister and I left the hospital that morning. I got to spend so much time with him throughout my life. I never missed a chance to go and see him or my grandmother. They were just as dear to me as my sweet parents.

The day before he passed, he called my sister and me to his bedside and told us that he wanted to talk to us. He told us that women could make things more complicated than they needed to be. (I asked him if he thought men could too, and he said, "Oh yes, of course." lol) He said that we needed to remember that the most important thing in life is that we love each other. I agree with him. I've been so exponentially blessed my entire life and I am doing my best to let that flow through me.  I want to share the love.

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