Sunday, November 2, 2014

612 Progress Report

Yesterday was a full and wonderful day! I have been putting together an education workshop for the past few months. It was provided for by the Paseo Arts Association, with a grant from Allied Arts, and it took place at Edgemere Elementary School. 

A wonderful person, Chris Neal, contacted me months ago to meet and to see if we could possibly work together to provide something for the community. He had seen me posting all kinds of things out of support for friends who were working on creative projects. So he was enlisting support. When I heard about the nonprofit he had started, West Winds Chamber Players, I knew this would be a great fit for a lot of events. But what had I been giving most of my attention to at the time??? - Providing programming for the biannual Parent/Guardian & Student Workshop we hold at Edgemere. Perfect timing! 

It's funny how I thought I was helping Chris. He was helping me! The musical  program that he put together was stellar. I'm so grateful to have been able to work with him because it went just the way these things are supposed to go. He and his group were so professional and incredibly talented. A lot of the musicians were OKC Philharmonic members and I knew quite a few of them from my music teaching days in Norman. Fun! 

Our hope is to help provide and enrich instruction in all of the arts, so we had kazoo making craft time, a drumming workshop with Enid Van Treese (she was sooooo AWESOME!!!) and then West Winds Chamber Players performed a piece called "Sea Creatures." I even read the narration for them. It was so much fun! We only had 4 kids show up, but in total we had 27 people there so I was happy. (Note to self: Don't plan things the day after Halloween! We might get a better turnout. Ha!)

After the workshop, James and I celebrated by going to Cheever's. I think I was celebrating a successful workshop as much as the fact that I actually woke
up at 6:45am on a Saturday morning after driving home all day the day before. (James flew out to Savannah to help drive me home. What a peach!)

Then we went by SixTwelve to see what progress had taken place while I was gone.  I'm so excited to see all of the trim stained, the walls painted and the tile going down in the bathrooms. It really is looking good! I love the dark stain. I believe it will provide a visual warmth and depth to our space, and I think it's more historically accurate for a 1929 building. I'm also in love with the hexagon tile in the downstairs bathrooms! I think we've got a really nice place and it's only going to get better!