Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Story #4 - Homebase Studios

Yay! Here's our fourth webisode, "Story #4 - Homebase Studios."

It's a little peak into the mind and life of my partner James Varnum and his partner in Homebase Studios, K. Edward Van Osdol.  These two men are the creators of all film and video components that will be featured on this blog.  They are just getting their start but have already done so much! Just last month they created all of the artist videos for the Paseo Arts Association's Oklahoma Artists Awards.  It was a great night and I was so proud of what they did.   They also did a commercial for the Democrat Party right before our last governor's race.  

James went to USC for architecture and film and met Kyle (K Edward) at the Oklahoma Arts Institute a long time ago when they were both there to study film.  

Take a look at this short story.  I think it will help people to more fully understand what we want to do at our building when we open up and get going!


  1. It cracks me up that "The Crazysitter" is what YouTube chose to be the frame which represents the whole webisode.