Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse Magic and YoungLab Inc.

One of the great things about staying up late, studying, tonight is that there is a lunar eclipse!  I doubt I'll be able to take a picture of it with my iPhone, but I'll give it a shot and post it here when I come back inside.

Not Bad For An iPhone Picture!

Yesterday Romy told me that one of her friends said you should write down your wishes on the day of a new moon.  Well, we're going to have a full moon tomorrow night (now tonight) so I'm going to just go ahead and write my wishes here.  I wish for continued momentum with our project in the Paseo. It's going so well.  I also wish for contentment, peace and even more love so that I will have more to give.

Speaking of continued momentum...

The magazine that called us for an interview called again today to set up a time for taking pictures! I'm so excited about this because more people will know what we're wanting to do.  We can use all of the support and encouragement we can get!  The magazine is OKCBiz and our story should be in their February issue so be looking for it!

Oh and one more thing! We printed off and filled out the application to form a nonprofit tonight.  We just need one more signature and we'll send it in.  Because the domain name "The Young School" was already taken, we have finally settled on "YoungLab Inc."  I like it very much and am excited that it's all coming together.

We are really moving now!


  1. when the new moon comes around, your wishes have to be handwritten, on paper, with a blood ink pen, sealed in slippery plastic, and then burned at the stake.

  2. Wow. Guess my wishes will just have to come true on their own. Haha!

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