Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Picking Up the Pace

Since James and I signed on the loan, things have been picking up and moving along. I'm really thrilled! Yesterday, I went over to SixTwelve and helped out a little by breaking up some old tile that was harvested out of the bathrooms at. We believe that it's original to the building (1929) and our friend, Diane Cody, is actually doing some research at the Oklahoma History Center to see if her hunch about the manufacturer is accurate. Can't wait to hear about what she uncovers!

James and BC (friend extraordinaire) spent time hammering nails out of the original, floor planks so that we can reuse the wood in other areas of the building. Our goal is to reuse as much as we can!

This pic was taken upstairs in the area that will be removed in order to open up
the space and make the area a double high gallery!
Following suit, I took a crack at the tile...literally. Ha! I wasn't able to save every piece, and I have a loooooong way to go before I'm finished, but this tile is just too beautiful to throw out. I want to see if we can incorporate it into the new bathrooms or, if we can't save enough, to create a mosaic out of it to hang somewhere in the building. Homage to our history!!!!

You can see the piles of tiles in the background and all of the cement attached to it.
I endured quite a muscular workout, using that chisel and hammer, but every single tile will make the effort worthwhile!

Closeup of that gorgeous 1929 tile!

I have to admit that having a job and purpose really is helping me to sleep better. I was never scared that this project wouldn't succeed. I just experienced some anxiousness for the day to finally get here when we could get back to work on the building and the programming for the space. I'm incredibly grateful that the day is finally here! Now, back to work (fun)!!!!

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