Thursday, July 19, 2012

SixTwelve Has a New Board Member: Ron Ferrell!

James and I are so excited to announce that we have a third board member on the SixTwelve team! We took Ron Ferrell to Cheever's yesterday and asked him if he'd be willing to join us and he said, "Yes!" Ron is not only kind, generous and a wonderful artist, he's also a sustainability leader here in OKC. He truly cares about our community and wants to do whatever he can to make people aware of changes we can all make it our lives that will bring happiness. This is what SixTwelve is all about! I was also surprised to find out yesterday that he has a masters in education. Yes! Yes! Yes! We are so fortunate and honored to have his guidance.

Ron and Trey (our second board member to accept) are both incredibly knowledgeable of sustainability issues and organizations, not only in OKC, but all over the country. As soon as we started talking to both of them, they started giving us suggestions on places to research and people to contact so that we could tie into a network of like-minded people who could help us to reach our dreams. So we will be taking some trips over the next year to meet people, observe ways and best practices of doing things, and to get ideas. I'm so grateful!!!

Ron has been approached by a couple of filmmakers, in hopes that he would be willing to make a series of educational videos on how to grow your food and live sustainably. They have an indiegogo project and all of the money raised to the $2,000 goal will go towards those videos. If they raise anything above that mark, the money will go to Closer to Earth, wonderful youth group in the Central Park neighborhood that is raising food right in the middle of the city! Kids learn so many great things and we will definitely be looking to them for a model of how to do it right at SixTwelve.

Check out this video so you'll know a little more about who Ron Ferrell is and then if you feel compelled, donate a little to this awesome project! Click Here!

Thank you so much Ron, for agreeing to work with us! We're really honored!!!!


  1. I'm so excited, Romy! We're really lucky.

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