Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Speaking at OKC's Midtown Rotary Tomorrow Night!

Over the past couple of months, I have rested, regrouped, traveled, and indulged in the fact that I can now quit treating 612 like a mistress, like I did when I was in school. I always felt like I was cheating on my studies when I would attend meetings, commission hearings or even daydream about what I wanted our wonderful place to be like when we finally opened our doors. I could hear my dad's voice in my head, "Amy, focus on school. This has to be your main objective! There will be time for all of this when you are finished." I was always torn, because this project of ours has picked up speed and momentum all on its own. I continually felt pulled in multiple directions at one time and guilty that I couldn't direct all of my energy towards school or the dream of 612.

But now, I don't have to feel guilty at all. My life, like everyone's, is a balancing act, choosing between serving our community and keeping some time for family, friends and personal endeavors. The best part is that my personal endeavors include the arts in OKC and my passion is 612. So work doesn't seem like work anymore. It's fun to have this blank canvas in front of me and know that I can paint whatever I think is best on it. James and I can plan and organize whatever we feel will be good for our community in our space and it's going to be a blast to grow (ourselves) alongside the maturation of this community center. I know we will learn so much.

And there's some proof that I've grown in my confidence, too. I've been invited to speak at the OKC Midtown Rotary club tomorrow night and while I did spend a little time getting nervous about my talk, I'm actually really honored and excited to share the vision for 612! Instead of worrying about tomorrow night, fearing that people are going to instantly realize that I'm not a business guru, I am embracing this opportunity to present our plan to a group of people who care about and support the arts in OKC. And the more that I think about what I want to say, the more I get excited about it all!!! I'm hoping that this little, twenty minute talk will be the first of many chances to include people in the journey, because I want to share it with as many as possible. I have so much gratitude for opportunities like this, those that just come to us. They help me to feel like we're on the right path.

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