Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graduation - Just Keep Going

I am so excited! I reached my goal! I graduated with my masters degree in art history! Yahooooo!!!! Graduation was last Friday night and Saturday morning. Here's a little pic.

I can't tell you how many sleepless nights or how much fear, worry and self-doubt I worked through over the past month. I know that it's common for students to feel that way, so I don't think my experience was extraordinary, but goodness, that was hard! There were times that I actually thought I might fail, but I just kept going. I'm so glad I did.

I now find myself a little run down and I'm still having those dreams where you wake up in a panic because you think you've forgotten a deadline, a form or failed your defense.  It's so nice to wake up and realize that it was just a nightmare and not reality.  I'm having a little trouble with my energy level too and I can't really take a break because the Paseo Arts Festival is coming up.

I'm the chair for the music committee again this year and I've got a lot of organizing to do, but it's coming together. I had all of the bands for the south stage planned while I was still in Savannah and my friend, Casey Friedman, of Acoustic Oklahoma scheduled the north acoustic stage before I had mine finished, so the groundwork has been done for a while, but there is still work to do. There is always work to do.

I'm really excited about the festival and I'm looking forward to all of the great music, but I have to admit that I'm looking forward to a time when I can finally relax, a time when I get to take a nap in the middle of the day. I can't wait for that. In the meantime, I'm celebrating with everything I do. I did it and I'm proud of myself! Prouder, maybe, than I've ever been. So it's time to get to work and put that education to good use. I have to just keep going!

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