Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Guy Gave Me Flowers Today! :)

I swear there is something magical going on around me.  I think of people and then I see them.  I hope for something and it becomes a reality.  I forget how badly I previously wanted something until I realize that it's sitting right next to me and I know that it's there because I quit yearning for it and just let it flow into my life. In the past week, I've received the sweetest gifts from two very talented guys I know.  I also had the luxury of spending a good amount of time with a really special friend.

Today I felt so fortunate because I was able to finally clean my house and then go over to Sixtwelve, clean up the old building a little and prepare for the Oklahoma Food Coop Delivery Day.  Today's pick up day in Paseo was one of the best ones yet! I missed James being there because it's great to do these things together, but it was also a great experience to plan the day on my own. We both see a lot of travel in our future and we can't both be gone at the same time, so if we can handle it individually we'll always be able to provide good service for our customers and it will be even more fun to work together.

This delivery day, I was blessed to have friends help out! Matt Green, Andy Zeeck, Steve Boyd, Ross Becker, Shannon Summers, and Lisa Gary helped with everything. I sent out a request for help last week on Facebook and because they all volunteered, I found exactly what was needed.  I'm so grateful!

Then, after eating dinner and talking with Ross for a while, I went upstairs in my house and found this in my bathroom! Phillip had left it for me when he was here watering plants today.

Aren't they cute? I called Phillip to thank him for them and he said he had just seen them and they made him happy so he got one for me too.  I'm keeping it by my bed to remind me that even when you think life is good, it can surprise you and be even better.  It's all in how you look at things and right now my view is beautiful. I know that I feel this way because people have been so kind and generous to me.  It really makes a difference, doesn't it?

All of this goodness makes me excited for our City Council meeting next Tuesday.  That should be the last step in rezoning and then we can really take off with interior renovations at Sixtwelve.  I'm ecstatic about the progress because I'm beginning to see the next chapter taking form.  I have a feeling it's going to be the best time of my life so far.

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