Saturday, April 9, 2011

Site Plan and "Evolve" at IAO

James has been hard at work on a site plan for our project over the last couple of weeks because we want to enter it (and did enter it) to be considered for an exhibit at IAO Gallery titled, "Evolve." Sustainable OKC and Individual Artists of Oklahoma have teamed up to present this great event. Here's how it's described on Sustainable OKC's website:

EVOLVE | April 23
Come see artistic visions of a sustainable, resilient, abundant community at EVOLVE, a juried art exhibition and local food challenge, featuring dishes from contestants (local restaurants, caterers and chefs).

We felt that our plans for the building and lot next door would fit right in with the objectives of the exhibit, so James created a great submission. I'm so proud of him and grateful for all of his hard work because this will also be a huge part of our presentation to potential supporters. We picked up a large copy of the plan today at FedEx Kinkos and had a little editing session. Here's a peak! Of course I have my post-it notes with suggestions for changes all over it so you'll have to go to the event on April 23rd at IAO to see the finished product if we are accepted. I'll be sure to write about it here if we are. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

1st Draft!

James is as pleased as I am with the site plan!

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