Sunday, March 14, 2010

Research, Fun and Photography

I can safely say that I've never had more fun doing research than I did on Saturday. Looking through the old Polk Directories with James and finding out who has lived in our building was interesting! We could also find out what these people did for a living so that helped. Each name that came up represented a life and it was tied to the community that we want to serve...even if it was just for a year. We only made it through books 1929 to 1940, but we'll have more time here and there to do it this week. I can't wait because we're finding names and figuring out relationships that some of these people had with other people in OKC; ones who helped to build good things here. That will help with our application. In my heart I know that every single person who lived in the building over the years was important. I think about their lives and their daily struggles, the things that I sit in my own house and ponder until they're worked out.

After we left the library, we went to the building with Ed Nguyen. Ed is the guy that took the photographs before to help with HP and the national tax credit application. He's also a great friend! We needed more shots for the application, so we took a trip to 612 NW 29th street. While we were there, the brick men were still working. It was fun to be in the middle of all of that energy. It's great to see progress on those walls, but just as thrilling is to already have people moving through the space. It gives it life!

Here is a picture of Ed and some recent shots of the building!

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